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MRAM debug (programming) does not work on MQX4.0????

Question asked by Carl Norman on May 9, 2013
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I am running CW4.0, MQX4.0 and the hello world MRAM debug and it will not program MRAM (boot exception). Debug and Release work fine. This is a problem I had in CW10.3 which was noted by the developers and said to be fixed in CW10.4. I finally got to test this feature this morning and it doesn't work in our project, or, in the example project.


Attached is the debug log of the programmer (I am using cyclone max ethernet and USB, the log is from my ethernet attempt)


I really need this to work as CW10.2 is a complete pile of rubbish with a million bugs and work arounds, we waste a few hours a week on 10.2 and its various issues. I have been using CW10.4 all week on a project with no MRAM and its amazing!

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