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imx25 and mfw_v4lsrc plugin

Question asked by garytee on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by Yuri Muhin
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Hi Everyone,


I'm developing a Linux video camera driver for an Omni Vision ov7690 CMOS sensor. The hardware design references the 3-stack board and uses the imx257.


My build environment is the L.2.6.31_09_12_01_SDK_source.tar.gz which contains a frozen in time snap-shot of a LTIB development environment for a generic linux-2.6.31 source tree as well the set of linux-2.6.31-imx-09.12.01 patch files. These patch files, when applied, will add all of the imx25 specific source code the this version of the Linux source tree.


My ov7690 camera driver is based on the ov2640.c file. The camera register initialization and mode selection arrays are modified according to the ov7690 reference manual with hints taken from ov7670.c which is in the current Linux source tree.


The frame buffer is working correctly. I'm able to execute <gst-launch videotestsrc ! video/x-raw-rgb ! fbdevsink device=/dev/fb0> and I can then see the test pattern on the LCD.



So far I'm unable to stream video from the camera using <gst-launch v4l2src ! video/x-raw-rgb ! fbdevsink device=/dev/fb0>. I've experimented with other gst-launch configurations and it always comes back complaining that it either cannot pause the pipeline, or that there is an erroneous pipeline or the selected src doesn't exist.


After reading the Freescale application note AN3677 "Video Streaming on the i.MX27" I now believe that I should be using a gstreamer plugin called mfw_v4lsrc. However, when I do a <gst-inspect | grep -i mfw> I get the following result:


mfw_asfdemuxer:  mfw_asfdemuxer: FSL Asf Demuxer
mfw_avidemuxer:  mfw_avidemuxer: FSL Avi Demuxer
mfw_mp4demuxer:  mfw_mp4demuxer: Freescale-Mp4 demuxer plugin
mfw_mp3encoder:  mfw_mp3encoder: freescale mp3 encoder
mfw_aacdecoder:  mfw_aacdecoder: Freescale AAC Decoder Plugin
mfw_mp3decoder:  mfw_mp3decoder: freescale mp3 decoder

I have found the source code for mfw_v4lsrc and sink located in fsl-mm-codeclib-1.7.1.tar.gz but the makefile is not setup to build them.

Are the mfw_v4lsrc and mfw_v4lsink plugins still being supported or have they been replaced by other plugins?


Should I be using some other gst-launch configuration?


Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.