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Rotating of Live video.

Question asked by John Turnur on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by Juan Antonio Gutierrez Rosas
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In one application we need to  scale and rotate the video data of type YUV422. We are using Platform SDK reference IPU code . We are not using V4l2 code.


To achieve above, we are capturing the video using OV5642 and directly display it on LVDS panels using View finder task.

OV5642  captures the video in YUV422 format and using IDMAC 21 channel and function ipu_resize_idmac_config() i am  able to re size video from 1024*768 to 640*480 resolutions.


We have used following path


CSI->IC( using channel 21)-> DP(Channel 23) . we are able to re- size video using this path and displays it on LVDS panels.

Now we want to rotate scaled video. To achieve this we used channel 46 as rotation input channel and 49 as rotation output channels using View finder task.


CSI->IC->IRT->DP . We are able to rotate the image but the display is garbage. Also rotation is performed on NON_INTERLEAVED_YUV420 data format.


Can IPU process rotation on YUV420 data?


Is all the channels and path are correct for rotation to work?


Guide me if i am wrong.


We are using Platform SDK V1.1.0 source code for IPU and camera capture drivers.