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How to use freescale IO Mux tool output files in LTIB to support a custom design (ex. add new pads)?

Question asked by Yamil Garcia on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by Yamil Garcia

I would like to change some pads configuration and add new pads to a custom design based on sabrelite board. I'm using freescale IO Mux tool to configure pads according to my needs. I've read the user manual for IO Mux tool but I couldn't figure out how to integrate IO mux tool's output file to LTIB in order to build the kernel.

I've checked every supported platform in LTIB and I couldn't see the output files format generated by IO Mux tool.

Can someone give a hint on this matter?

How to integrate IO Mux tool's output files into LTIB to build a kernel?