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How to add new nand flash to cw

Question asked by gaoyuan on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by gaoyuan

Hello every.  I used cw 8.8 and my custom MPC8309 board.

There is SAMSUNG's K9F5608U0D device supported in cw 8.8, but it is to small. I want use K9F2G08U0C isntead of K9F5608U0D.

I look through FPDeviceConfig.xml file and only find K9F2G08X0A supported.

So, my question is:

how to support K9F2G08U0C in cw.


And another question:

I found in device config of K9F5608U0D, the ID is set to 75 and manufacturerid is set to 35. But manufacturerid of Samsung is EC.

Which is the problem?


Thanks for your reply.