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Bitinit - Linux alternative

Question asked by Matthias Vierthaler on May 4, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by Yixing Kong
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Hello there!

I used the imx_otp_tools - package in order to write Super Root Key - Banks (SRK) in i.mx287

Following packages are included

  • BitBurner(exe) - not used but gives nice output of current banks
  • otp_burner(python) - creates which holds srk
  • BitInit(exe) - actually flashes sb-file (which includes srk) to fuses


I sucessfully flashed my pins by using windows operating system.


Due to the fact that this program seems to be the only windows program I would like to know if there is any other alternative linux software, which replaces BitInit, available.


If not there is annother possibility:

We use uboot as bootloader and this piece of software gives us the option to execute former downloaded elf-code. After sucessfully downloading (tftp) to 0x42000000 I try executing it by "bootelf 0x42000000" which results in following error message "## No elf image at address 0x42000000"

This is pretty obvious because sb is not elf ... it already has been converted by elftosb. is there any way to get the elf-file BEFORE it becomes sb?


Thanks in advance,

Matthias V.