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Problem with the prm file.

Question asked by Vianney Colombat on Jul 11, 2007
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I'm using CodeWarrior 5 and working with a HCS08 microcontroller. I have a problem with the prm file. I explain immediately  with  the facts :

That is my prm file (without comments) :

---start--prm--file------------------------------------------------------------NAMES ENDSEGMENTS    RAM0             =  READ_WRITE   0x0080 TO 0x00FF;    RAM1             =  READ_WRITE   0x0100 TO 0x077F;    STCK             =  READ_WRITE   0x0780 TO 0x087F;    FW_SEG           =  READ_ONLY    0x8000 TO 0xFBFF;       EMU_EE           =  READ_WRITE   0xFC00 TO 0xFDFF;       ROM1                     =  READ_ONLY    0xFE00 TO 0xFFAF;    NV_REG_SEG       =  READ_ONLY    0xFFB0 TO 0xFFBF;    USER_VECTOR_SEG  =  READ_ONLY    0xFFC0 TO 0xFFCB;    VECTOR_SEG              =  READ_ONLY    0xFFCC TO 0xFFFF;         ENDPLACEMENT    .data                                          INTO  RAM1;    .text                                          INTO  FW_SEG;    .stack                                         INTO  STCK;    _CX_DATA_TINY,fl_ram                           INTO  RAM0;    _CX_DATA_NEAR,.common,fl_ram1      INTO  RAM1;    _CX_CONST_NEAR                                INTO  FW_SEG;       int_vect_SEG                                   INTO  VECTOR_SEG;       nv_seg_SEG                                     INTO  NV_REG_SEG;    emu_ee_seg                                     INTO  EMU_EE;    fl_c,fl_era,fl_prg                                  INTO  FW_SEG;                                               ENDSTACKTOP 0x087F---end--prm--file------------------------------------------------------------


The problem is that a lot of segments are not created. I am aware that those segments are mine.
( fl_ram , fl_ram1, int_vect_SEG , nv_seg_SEG , emu_ee_seg , fl_c , fl_era , fl_prg )

In fact in the map file, I find only the other segments,

---start--map--file------------------------------------------------------------SECTION-ALLOCATION SECTIONSection Name                    Size  Type     From       To       Segment---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.text                           6773     R     0x8008     0x9A7C   FW_SEG.stack                           256   R/W      0x780      0x87F   STCK_CX_DATA_TINY                     19   R/W       0x80       0x92   RAM0_CX_DATA_NEAR                     69   R/W      0x100      0x144   RAM1.common                          362   R/W      0x145      0x2AE   RAM1_CX_CONST_NEAR                     4     R     0x9A7D     0x9A80   FW_SEG.abs_section_80                    1   N/I       0x80       0x80   .absSeg0.abs_section_ff                    1   N/I       0xFF       0xFF   .absSeg1.abs_section_100                   1   N/I      0x100      0x100   .absSeg2.abs_section_87f                   1   N/I      0x87F      0x87F   .absSeg3.abs_section_18                   16   N/I       0x18       0x27   .absSeg4.bss                               5   R/W      0x2AF      0x2B3   RAM1.rodata                          211     R     0x9A81     0x9B53   FW_SEG.init                              8     R     0x8000     0x8007   FW_SEG---end--map--file------------------------------------------------------------

and routine that are inserted, for example, in the "fl_era" segments result to be in the UNUSED-OBJECTS SECTION - NOT USED PROCEDURES part of the map file. That is normal, you tell me, because fl_era is not understood by the compiler ...

But, why this "fl_era" segments is not created ? For me the prm file seems good.
I hope that the explaination is cleary enough so that someone can give me some advices and - why not - a great solution to my problem.



Edit Alban - Used SRC to display both file content properly tabulated

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