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CodeWarrior Licensing

Question asked by aldinafarias on May 3, 2013
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I'm a new freescale user. I bought a Demo9RS08KA8 from Farnell and I already install Code warrior 6.1 and Softec sotware in a XP virtual machine because I'm using Windows 7 and CW didn't work in this environment. Now I have a problem, I want to test my new demo board and I can't because when I try to open Code warrior this message appear: "No valid license key was found ..." I know I should register my product in My Freescale page but I need a product ID and I don't know where I can find it. I have a Box with:

- Demo board;

- A Freescale CD with Code warrior software, demo board manuals and getting started DVD;

- A softec Microsystems CD;

- A USB cable;

- A warrantly card;

So, what should I make to resolve this problem because I really need to begin to use freescale microcontrollers. I'm working in some projects that already have freescale microcontrolers and I never used it, so I must practise some programs, that is why I bought this demo board.

I will apreciate so much your help.

Best regards,