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K10 ADC_LDD static sample group issue

Question asked by gmorton on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by Vojtech Filip

I'm using CodeWarrior Dev Studio SE 10.3. My project contains a K10 (MK10DN512VLL10) MCU, and I have added the ADC_LDD to my project as a component. I'm having issues getting the static sample groups set up under the component inspector. I've looked at the sample code with how to use this, but it doesn't make sense to me as written.


Here are my settings under component inspector:

Static Sample Groups : Enabled

Sample Group List: 1

Group 0:

     Sample List: 2


The Sample List started with a 1 in there, and there is only a + or - button to add to the list. I changed the 1 to a 2 and got this error:

"Only 1 samples are supported by this HW."


How do I create a list of the channels to add to the group?


Please advise.