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UDEV trigger for SD card insert and remove in iMX28 Linux 2.6.35

Question asked by Emanuele Coli on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 19, 2013 by Emanuele Coli
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I have my bord based on iMX28 + LTIB + Linux 2.6.35 (design based on iMX28 EVK).

I use internal FLASH and sometimes I need to plug external mass storage like USB pendrive o SD card. I wrote my custom udev rules for manage my external devices. When I insert/remove pendrive all works fine: udev receives trigger on connect (ADD) and on disconnect (REMOVE). When I try to do the same actions with SD card (mmc0) sometimes I don't receive any plug notification: if I see DUART terminal, there are no messages and no udev rules triggered (if all works fine, for example, when I remove sd card I see a message like "mmc0: card removed" in duart console). If I look for mmc0 (all partitions) object in my sysfs, in effect I don't see any entry to sd card.

May be this a problem in sd driver? Is there a patch?

Please note: if I plug sd card and after I turn on my device, the rule "ADD" is always triggered and also REMOVE rule is correctly triggered.