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Problem in configuring ECSPI-2 on i.MX6SL in Linux

Question asked by Kopera Pune on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by Kopera Pune

We are designing a system using "i.MX6SL". The design is based on EVK-board. We need to enable ECSPI-2 to communicate with NAND-Flash. on uBoot, I can communicate with the device over ECSPI-2. By looking at the code, I though that I need to modify only two files "board-mx6sl_common.h" and "board-mx6sl_evk.c" to enable ECSPI-2.


1) Hence, I have configured "iomux" by adding following lines in








in "mx6sl_brd_pads[ ]" from "board-mx6sl_common.h"


2) "imx6q_add_ecspi(0, &mx6_evk_spi_data);" is used to add support for ECSPI-1 in file "board-mx6sl_evk.c". Therefore I have added "imx6q_add_ecspi(1, &mx6_spi_data_for_nand);" for ECSPI-2


However, I haven't seen any activity on ECSPI-2. ECSPI-1 is working fine in linux. How to check whether ECSPI-2 is configured properly or not?


Could you please provide me some pointer to debug the problem?


I am using LTIB: "L3.0.35_12.10.02_GA_source.tar.gz" and Kernel version is "3.0.35"