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Modification of some connections PMIC-SABRE SDB

Question asked by EgleTeam on Apr 30, 2013
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Looking the schematics of the SABRE SDB we have few doubts about the posibility of making few modifications of the PMIC configuration (sheet 19) for a custom design.


1. Can we remove the SWBST input switching circuit (Q510+Q511)?. We can't find any reference to "SWBST_PWR_EN" on the rest of the schematics so we assume that SWBST is always ON due the pull-up (R592).


2. Can we left unconnected LICELL pin if we don't plan to use the RTC when the iMX6 is off?.


3. We want to use the "F0" pre-programmed configuration (which seems to be the same used in SABRE SDB although the PMIC is a "NP" part). Is safe to remove all shorts/jumpers? Since the design is already tested....


4. What purpose is "PWR_BTN_SNS"? Can we remove this connection and D4 if "AUTO ON" is used?.



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