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AN4370: Modifying the application linker file

Question asked by Vincent Din on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by Vincent Din

Hello all,


I am working with a TWR-K20D50M and the software that goes along with AN4370.


I am using IAR for ARM v6.5, and am currently able to upload the dfu bootloader application to the board.  The microusb port can enumerate as a DFU device, and I can use the dfu_example.exe to flash the example k20 binary to the board.


When it comes to uploading a different binary, whether it be an MQX or bare metal application, I am unsure exactly what to modify in the linker application file.  I have tried fiddling with different values in a bare metal hello world example, but it is not generating a usable binary (it will upload with the dfu_example.exe, but it does not run properly).


In sections 4.1.3 and, it describes what needs to be changed for Kinetis boards.  It even shows a modified linker file, but in a code warrior context.


How would I translate this process to the IAR environment?  It is just different enough to where I am unable to generate a working binary.


Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!