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MQX 4.0 httpd polled mode not working?

Question asked by Kay Dohmann on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by Martin Latal



I try to get the httpd working in MQX 4.0, as I used to use it in MQX 3.8 - in polled mode.

In dynamic mode everything works, in polled mode, the polling first works, but stops at the first request. I switched from my own application to the Tower examples (on a TWRK60N512) to see if at least the delivered example works. There, also, dynamic mode works, polled mode does not work. What I did was

- change the user_config.h in bsp_twrk60n512:



- cleaned and recompiled bsp, psp, mfs, rtcs, shell and httpsrv_twrk60n512 (the example)

(I also had to add a missing semicolon in httpdsrc.c for polled mode httpsrv_twrk60n512 to compile.)


Am I missing something? Is polled mode httpd not supported any more in MQX 4.0? Is there any known issue with the hardware twrk60n512 / twr-ser?


Thanks for any help!!