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CodeWarrior for ColdFire ver 6.3 build 14 IDE 5.7.0 Build 2072 duplicate common.h header files

Discussion created by james edwards on Jul 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2007 by Tom Thompson
I'm seeing two common.h files in the file list of the "Find in files" window under the project files tab.
One is the one I created in "src\common" and other one is in  C;\programfiles\freescale\CodeWarror for ColdFire\Stationery\Coldfire\CF_M5475EVB\C\src\include\
How is the one in C;\programfiles\freescale\CodeWarror for ColdFire\Stationery\Coldfire\CF_M5475EVB\C\src\include\common.h getting into my  project?
I see other duplicate files in this search list.  How do I clean it up.  I've tried to reset the entry points.  I've set search user paths which did not help.
My common.h file show up in my project window with the target dot.  This other one does not.  But when I click on the freescale common.h in the search list it opens
My project is messed up and I'm also getting "mcf548x_dma.h: file could not be found" in my search results window.
Any pointers would be appreciated.