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Question asked by Jiri Takac on Apr 29, 2013
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I'm using MQX 3.8 and I'm trying to understand a configure FlexCAN.

So my problem is when I use parameter "FLEXCAN_MESSAGE_TRANSMIT_ONCE" in function "FLEXCAN_Activate_mailbox".

Which, according to MQXIOUG, should transfare message only once when i use "FLEXCAN_Tx_mailbox" or "FLEXCAN_Tx_message".

But the procesor is transmitting message continuously and stop transmiting only after deactivating the mailbox.


I noticed that in file flexcan_regs.h is this parameter as macro, but it has the same value as "FLEXCAN_MESSAGE_TRANSMIT_REMOTE".


So question is, what I am doing wrong and if you can help with this problem.


Thank Jiri