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MC13213 Internal T/R Antenna Switch (using BeeStack)

Discussion created by Mike Ware on Jul 10, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by Mike Ware
NOTE: I am using one antenna, one balun, and one matching ckt connected to the RFIN+/RFIN- pins with nothing connected to the PAO+/PAO- pins... Just like the "SINGLE PORT MODE" demo board FSL564-1 SED.  So without this feature enabled, my radio will not transmit (only receives).
I asked a similar question regarding the Internal TR Antenna Switch in late 2006:
Mads (FSL Specialist) was nice enough to inform me that the internal TR antenna switch can be enabled in the NV_Data.c (for SMAC / 802.15.4 MAC codebases) at the same location (after the MAC Address) where it was in Z-Stack.
Now I am using the BeeStack codebase (with BeeKit) and I have discovered that "NV_Data.c" is using a different format.  It looks like from all of the low level ABEL drivers that the internal TR antenna switch was not considered for the BeeStack codebase.
Even where "MC1319XREG.H" defines ABEL_CONTROL2_REG (which is the regsiter that enables this feature in the radio...  ABEL_reg7) bit 12 (RF_switch_mode) is not defined anymore.  (see section 3.9.2 of MC1321x_RefManual)
Will I be able to skip over all the BeeStack layers and directly write to this register to enable this and pray that the invisible depths of the BeeStack libraries will not overwrite this?  :smileyhappy:
By using:  
MC1319xDrv_WriteSpiSync(ABEL_CONTROL2_REG, (ctrl2val | 0x1000) );

If not, any plans on supporting the "Internal T/R Antenna Switch" feature of the MC1321x in future versions of the BeeStack codebase?
 - Ware