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Where is MQX TWR-WIFI-AR4100 Code ?

Question asked by ChrisNielsen on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by Martin Latal

I have MQX 4.0 and I've read the posts on this subject that identifies the \source\io\enet directory as containing AR4100 code.  My download of MQX 4.0 does not have that code.


Does MQX 4.0 support TWR-WIFI-AR4100 or must I move back to an older version that has support?  If support was dropped in the current release, can you share the reason why?  I was hoping to design in the AR4100 part but if it is not longer "recommended for new designs", I'd like to know that quickly.


Are other community members using the AR4100 part or has the community moved to other WiFi parts?


I'm not planning to use MQX.  I just need to get to the MQX driver source code so I can have a working example of SPI and API code that interfaces with the AR4100 chip and I will build upon that code to develop my end system.


Thanks, Chris