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Wake up using MPR121 interrupt

Question asked by Winston Rodrigues on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by Winston Rodrigues

Dear Pals,


       I am working on IMX53_smd board (SABRE tablet) ...

So I wanted to make this board to wake up when I touch the touch keys (MPR121) .

     I can wake up the system using GPIOs as well as volume + / volume - keys...


static struct gpio_keys_button smd_buttons[] = {

       GPIO_BUTTON(MX53_PAD_EIM_A24__GPIO5_4, TOUCH_INTERRPT ,1,"touching",1),

        GPIO_BUTTON(MX53_SMD_KEY_VOL_UP, KEY_VOLUMEUP, 1, "volume-up", 1),

        GPIO_BUTTON(MX53_SMD_KEY_VOL_DOWN, KEY_VOLUMEDOWN, 1, "volume-down", 1),



in above code I wanted to know where is KEY_VOLUMEUP and KEY_VOLUMEDOWN is defined.. because when i compile

i get error saying TOUCH_INTERRPT not defined...


  One more thing......

  If the system is sleep /suspend mode whether the MP121 chip gets the power ???