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Are pins B73..B80 used by EBI of TWR-LCD?

Question asked by big_steve on Apr 28, 2013
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Is it possible that for EBI (External Bus Interface) communication with LCD module on TWR-LCD board are used too pins from B73 to B80?
These pins are in the user manual of TWR-LCD marked as unused by the TWR-LCD module so they should be free.


In my application i am using pins from B76 to B80 as binary inputs for sensors. Already some days i am trying to get to work an TWR-LCD with EBI communication, but without success. Just today i recognize that, when i disconnect all sensor, the LCD works.


By design of my HW on TWR-PROTO i used user manuals and schematics of TWR-K40X256, TWR-LCD, technical datasheet K40P144M100SF2, and Tower Config Tool V2.0 and i nowhere realized that B76..B80 have any purpose in Tower System or that they are connected with A76..A80.


My Tower System consist of:



Application is programmed under MQX4 and it uses eGUI3.0.


I could use too an SPI communication but, it doesn't work for me. SPI communication worked fine just under MQX3.7 and older eGUI.


Thank you for your answers.