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i.MX28 Windows CE 6.0 Control Panel (cplmain.cpl) Issue

Question asked by markwilliams on Apr 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by Karina Valencia Aguilar
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Hi all,


I have been evaluating my i.MX28 Windows CE 6.0 based product and noticed that the control panel was not loading up properly. The debug output window shows that it is trying to use a function that does not exist (I tracked this down to be to do with the battery driver). When I open up control panel I see the following:


   3272 PID:4f00006 TID:4f10006 - Searching For CPLs -

   3272 PID:4f00006 TID:4f10006 Found RAM CPL file='\Windows\cplmain.cpl'

   3312 PID:4f00006 TID:4f10006 ERROR: function @ Ordinal 713 missing

   3312 PID:4f00006 TID:4f10006 !!! Please Check your SYSGEN variable !!!

   3312 PID:4f00006 TID:4f10006 Coredll: DEBUGCHK failed in file d:\yzkiqfe\private\winceos\COREOS\core\dll\usr\..\loader.cpp at line 690


I do not have the battery option enabled in my OS. By default this should omit the power options from control panel. For some reason it seems that the CE build is trying to use functions for the power control panel application when I do not have the battery driver.


After a lot of investigation it all comes down to the fact that Freescale has a pre-build cplmain.cpl control panel file which is located in the C:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\iMX28-EVK-PDK1_9\FILES folder that is copied over the top of the built one each time I build CE.


My question is: Why is there a pre-built cplmain.cpl file in the 'files' folder?


This pre-built file from Freescale has the power applet included and my OS does not have the battery driver so it is preventing the other cplmain control panel applications from loading!


Can I get rid of the cplmain.cpl file from the platform\files folder so that the CE build-process created file is used?


Thanks in advance, Mark