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MQX4.0 USB data transmission

Question asked by Qianming Zhu on Apr 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by Martin Latal

Hi, Martin.

First of all , thanks a million for your help all the time.

     These days I'm gonna use twrk60n512 as a USB device to communicate with the PC. I'd like to make the twrk60n512 a co-processor and transmit a nearly 100k configuration file or some real-time data between the PC and twrk60n512. I have tried the MQX4.0 USB CDC virtual com example and found that the MAX size of a transmission packet is 64 bytes at full-speed.If I sent a 68 bytes string, the Uart printf could only print out the last four bytes. But it seems that the twrk60n512 has recieved all the bytes. Is it correct?

     According to the introduction of the official manuals, K60 seems only support the low-speed and full-speed of USB 2.0. So the MAX size of a buffer packet is 64 bytes at the bulk endpoint in or out. Only high-speed model can support 512 bytes? Ultimately, should I use the CDC example to satisfy my requirement above?

     PS:  In the MSD example or others, the maximun speed of one-way transmission is? how many in bytes per second?


Thanks a million!!!!!