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Cut live video stream into multiple sequential files (IMX, gstreamer)

Question asked by Janis Coders on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Harald Krapfenbauer

Hi, I am using IMX53 processor based board with ov5640 camera. Rootfs ir created using Yocto recipes and Freescale MM plugins are included.


What I want to achieve is to record video all the time (without stopping) and be able to cut this video stream into sequential files by predefined time or file size.

I want to record using gstreamer and encode video with h264. I know there is multifilesink plugin for gstreamer, but as I have tested, it doesn't work with freescales encoder - maybe there are missing some metadata.


Has anyone tried something similar and had luck with it? Now I am restarting the command every 5 seconds ( to record 5 sec videos) and the result is that there are gaps between those videos, because of the recording start/stop delay.


Can it be achieved using command in terminal, or will there be involved gstreamer programming using C or Python?


Thank you