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Bluetooth on Sabre-sd board

Question asked by akshay Ithal on Apr 26, 2013
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Hi All,


I am using a IMX-6 customized board. It's having Atheros AR6233G chip on it for Bluetooth and Wifi.  Wlan and BT are interconnected over UART internally in the Atheros chip. Bluetooth is connected over "SDIO over UART".  SDIO over UART communication is something like this, SDIO ie from IMX.6 soc communicates to Wlan-UART and Wlan-UART communicates with BT-UART. There is no direct communication from IMX.6 soc(SDIO) to Bluetooth. SDIO talk to Wlan and Wlan to B.T.  Please share the available support for "sdio over uart" communication if its there.


UART is interfaced to BT in the IMX.6 sabre-sd board. Please share the build and test procedure of these.