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i.MX28 Windows CE with ECC-enabled NAND

Question asked by markwilliams on Apr 26, 2013
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Hi all,


I am after some advice regarding NAND devices that have built-in ECC.


Is it possible to use the i.MX28 Windows CE BSP with a NAND device that has internal ECC enabled or would this require a re-write of the driver?


I have had a prototype run of boards made however a last minute change to the NAND (due to availability) meant that the MT29F2G08ABAEAH4:E from Micron was placed. I have just noticed that this part variant has internal ECC enabled from the factory.


It looks like the mechanisms for writing to NAND may be different to NAND managed with the processor ECC so I worried that significant driver changes may be required.


I am not sure if this means that the control of the spare area is reserved for the internal ECC mechanisms. Is it possible to use the standard i.MX28 BSP with ECC-enabled NAND?


Kind regards,