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P4080 and/or P2020 and  MSC8xxx DSP for transcode

Question asked by corbysable on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by corbysable

Hello forum,


I am interested in using a Freescale boards for live streaming video transcode development,


Do you have specific experience with the following 2 boards?

1) P2020 and MSC8156 as an Advanced MC reference design.

link   P2020-MSC8156 AdvancedMC™ Reference Design Product Summary Page


2) 3-MSC-8256 Development Tool

link:  P2020-MSC8156 AdvancedMC™ Reference Design Product Summary Page



3) Please state if another P4080 based board is available to perform real time H.264 transcoding (encoding and decoding) and scaling

I assume the AMC onboard P2020 is used to manage the DSPs and/or packet processing and/or manage the onboard switching/routing of data on the AMC board.

Which board will meet requirements of H.264 transcoding (encoding and decoding) and scaling, where processing requirements are to perform simultaneous real time transcoding of two video streams by the board.  One stream is encoded H.264 and then sent over an ethernet link.  The second stream is ingest to the board and decoded.


Which board is most efficient and is the best choice?    Is support available from Freescale for Wind River Linux since its installed on Emerson Networks and Advantech blade products, which use the P2020 and P4080 processors.