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Using extra MK40 on-board Flash and SPI Port to emulate external Serial Flash IC

Question asked by ELLERY POTASH on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by ELLERY POTASH

I'm designing a project, based on an MK40, that communicates with a custom peripheral "slave" chip via I2C. This peripheral chip also acts as an SPI "Master" with an external Serial Flash Memory. The MK40 has more Flash than I need for my Application, and it also has both SPI and DSPI ports and DMA Controllers that are unused. Is it possible to connect the SPI Master Port of the Peripheral to an SPI or DPSI Slave Port on the MK40 so that an unused portion of MK40 Flash can emulate the external Serial Flash; thus omitting the external Flash chip? Has anyone done this? Are there App Notes dealing with DMA and SPI Slave Ports? Anyone have some CodeWarrior 'C' Code to handle this? Thanx - Ellery