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Bring up issues with K60DN512Z and JTAG

Question asked by charles_h2 on Apr 24, 2013
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I recently inherited a project that I need to get up and running from bare metal.  We are using a K60DN512Z mcu and connecting JTAG directly.


We are using PEmicro  Multilink  ,  Codewarrior 10.2  and a K60 Tower dev board.   

The original code was written and tested on the tower, and I can hook up the multilink via JTAG to the tower and program, pause and run without any problem.

I really am not familiar with codewarrior, but have figured out enough to verify I have a working path between the pc and the K60 tower.


When I hook up the multilink to our product, which just came in, is where issues arise.


I have mcu reset tied to jtag, as well as TDI, TDO, TMS, and TCLK.   

EZP_CS is pulled high via a 2.2K resistor.   I hold down reset and then turn on the board and then after 1-2sec let go of reset.  Led goes dim.

When using codewarrior to try to program the board, the reset light flashes, and clearly one can see on the scope trace reset going low.

On the scope trace I have top to bottom,  RESET,TCLK,TDI,TDO   As can be seen I get nothing out from the mcu.

First picture is zoom in of first clocking activity after reset goes low.

Second picture is overall reset and clock, tdi activity.

Third picture is PE micro info window from codewarrior.  I can not seem to get the output to stay, it goes away after I abort the P&E connection assistant.  Very annoying, if anyone knows how to save the error info from the console that too would be great!


The HFSUID info is odd, as is the fact "Cannot enter background mode"

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!