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How to disable CSI0 to enable UART4 and UART5 in IMX53_SMD

Question asked by Winston Rodrigues on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by Winston Rodrigues

Dear Friends,


        I am working on imx53 sabre tablet (imx53_smd) board. So far I am successfull in testing most of the peripherals.

Now i am stuck at a point where I cannot test UART4 and UART5. remaining UARTS are working fine.

I suspect from following reasons..

     1. May be UART pads are not defined properly.

         but I have added UART4 and UART5 pad definitions in iomux_v3_cfg_t mx53_smd_pads[] of mx53_smd.c

        these ones :





       even I have changed to iomux-mx53.h file as per the latest freescale kernel tree. for al the UARTS.


  2. May be CSI0 interface is not allowing the UARTS to be used.

     the connector on board has a 120 pin QTH connectorin which there are signals for auxillary display and camera

     interfaces (CSI0). On the Same CSI0 interface you will find UART4 and UART5 signals. And I definitely dont need CSI interface.


so my guess is since CSI0 interface is still enabled so i cannot access the UART4 and UART5 signals.


So is there any way to disable the CSI0 interface. ?