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Electrical design guidelines

Question asked by Luc Holtkamp on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by Zhe Tian

Can anybody tell me where I can find electrical design guidelines for K10 72MHz.

I have trouble to find any documentation on this subject. For instance:


  • I will not use RTC or VBAT, so what to do with the VBAT pin? connect it to VDD? And what to do with the XTAL32 pins? leave it open? ground it?
  • In the datasheet it sais that one should use 'proper PCB layout' for the clock crystal circuit. But I can't find any documentation what a 'proper PCB layout looks like'
  • What to do with the USB pins if I do not use USB? ground it? leave it open?
  • What about other pins I do not use, just leave them open?
  • What is the recommended filter circuit for the VDDA/VSSA/VREFH/VREFL circuit?
  • Examples for FlexBus and EzPort


It would be great to have a few application notes with 'minimal configurations' showing how to use the chip from an electrical viewpoint.