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After the Quick Start Guide i.MX28 EVK

Discussion created by Paul Hilton on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by Paul Hilton

I ran through the Quick Start Guide, no problems.

Booting from the Linux SD card, and connecting via a console on debug UART,

I can get boot info and a prompt which works.


No network devices are running.

"ifconfig" returns nothing.

"/etc/rc.d/network start" starts lo, and says Warning: no IPADDR is set ....

No lights show on ENET0 when I connect a live ethernet connector.

It looks during boot as though it's expecting a network connection, tries to start an ssh server (which is what I want), inetd..

It does make some complaints about inet6, and a keyboard not being there (it isn't), and missing directories etc.


Booting from NAND flash ENET0 works, lights up, gets a dhcp address, fails to get a TFTP

(because I haven't set one up), so the Ethernet hardware is OK.


Is there any 'quick start' after the most basic one?