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K10,AD question

Question asked by FU grace on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by FU grace

  Hi,everyone,I have two questions about the AD module of kinetic.

1. where's the hardware trigger source ,that is ADHWTSn ? I'm wondering if it means  the IO port the AD channel is using?

   if it is,can I change the channel by just writting new channel numbers into the  ADCH while the former conversion is under hardware trigger mode.

2.what's the ADC A, B means ,is it just for those channels with "a" or "b" suffix ,like the ADC0 _SE4a &ADC0_SE4b,then how about the channels with no suffix? I mean if  I want to use the channel AD19,should I write the ADCx_SC1A or ADCx_SC1B or both?