Derek Snell

Phantom errors reported in Processor Expert Driver suite

Discussion created by Derek Snell Employee on Apr 23, 2013

Processor Expert (PEx) Driver Suite (the non-CodeWarrior stand-alone version) uses the Eclipse IDE.  And Eclipse is a powerful IDE and editor with much intelligence built into it to aid in developing code.  But sometimes it is too smart.  If you use PEx and open a generated source file, it is common to find Eclipse report many errors in the source file, as shown here:




These are phantom errors, reported by Eclipse because it is not aware of all the files included in a project.  When Eclipse is used as the build tool, the compiler settings will include paths for the header files, and Eclipse will use those details to find where many symbols in source files are defined.  But with the PEx Driver Suite, it is not a build tool, and doesn't tell Eclipse where to find the header files with these definitions.


But you can disable the Code Analysis feature in Eclipse easily, and make these phantom errors go away.  Use the menu Window -> Preferences.  Under "Code Analysis", uncheck all the code issues Eclipse monitors.  Now it will stop reporting these phantom errors.

code analysis.jpg


But if you already have errors reported in the Problems tab, changing these preferences won't flush the errors.  But you can eliminate them like this.  Right-Click an error in the Problems tab and select "Select All":



Then Delete.  Now there Errors are removed from the Problems View, and Eclipse will no longer report Code Analysis errors.