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K60 FlexBus

Question asked by DON PORADA on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2013 by Hui_Ma

I'm trying to connect a 512k x 16bit sram chip to a TWR-K60D100M board using FlexBus.  To do this, I need 19 address bits, 16 data bits, CS, R/W, OE and ALE.  I am using a 74HC373 and latching A16, A17, and A18 with the ALE signal.


Here's the first question.  When I am addressing the memory at any location, the A30 (D14)  pin seems to be the same as the ALE signal.  If I disable the ALE signal, the A30 signal is still there so it's not a short.  I get this signal on the PRIMARY ELEVATOR board with only the TWR-K60D100M connected at pin B74.  Any Ideas?


The second question is about using a 16 bit bus.  When I try to write to an odd address, FlexBus writes to the odd and then the even address.  If I write to the even address, there is only one write.  Is this normal?


I tried looking at the TWR-MEM board since it uses a 16 bit memory chip, but it ties the upper and lower 8 bits together to make an 8 bit bus.


Thanks in advance for any help.