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CCSProtocolPlugin : error writing memory CCS last error : Scan timeout

Question asked by ma changbao on Apr 23, 2013

Hi all,


After finishing execute P4040DS_init_core_cacheon.tcl(this *.tcl goes well),  when i run my demoP4040-core0_RAM_P4040_Cache_Download in CodeWarrior 10.1,it pups out an error and stop,(you can see the print message within the Console Window in console.log as attachment)

"CCSProtocolPlugin : error writing memory,CCS last error : Scan timeout".

Does it meat the USBTAP can't download my *.elf into P4040 internal Cache?

And why not?anyone help me?


Here is my development environment

CPU:P4040 DDR2:512MB ( a custom board )

CW:"CodeWarrior Development Studio for PA" " v1.0.0.FSL_b03045"

CW Project & tcl: same as P4040DS

Any help is appreciated!

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