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How to build a rootfs that includes the "apt" package? Ltib

Question asked by Eduardo Prieto on Apr 22, 2013

I am working on a imx53 and I use ltib for building a rootfs. I have tried min profile as well as fsl gnome profile and both work well.

The problem here is that I would like to install the "apt" package so I could use apt-get or apt-cache, etc.

I tried to add this package manually with ./ltib -m prep -p apt-x.y , I created my spec file,  but when I run ./configure -m scbuild -p apt-x.y got some error related to some configuration of curl.

Is there any other way to do so? By selecting from "Package selection" inside ltib configuration? Which option would it be? Didn't find anything there.

I tried to use dpkg included with the busybox configuration but I got to know that is a stripped version of dpkg and doesn't work really well.


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