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Problem with Parallel interface of CSI interface

Question asked by Paul lee on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by MaxTsai
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Hi All,


I am using 6q processor. Following are my configuration of IPU0.

-16 bit parallel interface with CSI0.

-DATA_WIDTH=16bit, all polarity are inverted, gated mode, generic data

Refernece source code: Android source code of Sabre SD board.




HSC=1920, VSC=0


IDMAC channel-0 [ CSI0 -> SMFC -> MEM ] is properly set up for generic data.

I am facing problem of getting entire image in MEMORY.

Initially, i was not able to receive entire image from 0 horrizontal offset. Hence, from trial & error, i had set above value (SENS_FRM WIDTH & HEIGHT, HSC,VSC).

Now, i m receiving full frame with horrizontal offset start from '0' for every line of frame, but starting vertical offset comes at random offset from actual image 1920x1080, althoug i receive one entire frame.


Can you please try to solve me this above problem.

For reference, i placed image attached here with (vertical_offset.jpg).


U can see, vertical offset start from 130th line instead of '0' the line & horizontal offset is correct (full 1920).


-Paul Lee.