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mpc8315e board  hreset and flash erase problem

Question asked by du zhenhuan on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by lunminliang

I build a mpc8315e board with FSL MPC8315E- RDB  as a reference,  Now, I met several problem and got some confusions


First, I can't erase the Flash with CW  ,

CFG_RESET_SOURCE[0:3] is set to 1011 according to the RDB manual to flash void NOR FLASH, 

when I start erase in flash programmer, it  just keep display "Initializing...", If I then choose canceled , it said " flash ID got error".

The flash type is differenct from RDB's , the part NO is MX29LV640BTTC-90G.  I'm sure that they both use same flash algorithms.

Question : Does the CW flash programmer verify flash ID ? If so , Maybe I need to customize something by myself.


Second, I found the /HRESET is always low after normal powerup (PORESET is OK )

but It can go high if I enter debug mode with  USB TAP. 



Third, According to manual, CFG_RESET_SOURCE[0:3]  pin should be in high Z state during HRESET asserted, right?

But I can't got the high level on these pins using a scope even though the 4.7k pullup resistors (configured them as 1011 ) are right there.

I also test it on FSL RDB, same situation, but  HRESET  is OK .


These problems are a bit confusing for me , I'm just struggling   Hope someone can help me out, thank you!