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Reflashing the TWR-K40X256-KIT with Quick start Demo (MQX 4 and CW10.3)

Question asked by Andrew Athanasiou on Apr 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by Andrew Athanasiou

Hi There,


Hope you can help. I have downloaded the latest MQX ver4 and the Evaluation version CW10.3 this is on a Windows 7 Machine. I have installed Both MQX and CW10.3 in the Program Files directory( I know Freescale Recommends to install it outside of this directory, (as I have administrator rights I don't think that is an issue). I am trying to reprogram the TWR-K40X256-KIT with the Quick Start Demo. (my board version is a REV C)


As I have not been able to find the Lab Guide for the MQX Version 4 project, I have tried to follow the one for the CW10.1 and MQX 3.7 Quick start guide. I see that the mods have been done already and the errors that are mentioned don't come up. I am at the last stage where I finally compiled the actual TWR-K40X256_QuickStart_Demo. I get 9 errors all relating to C/C++ Problem type,  


mingw32-make:**[Sources/Accel_Task_c.obj] Error1


I get the above error repeated for ADC_Task,adc16, SLDC_task etc last line shows 'while parsing option '-i'.


Any advice or help would be appreciated. 

Thank you.