Issues for FreeMASTER PE Component in MQX_IO Interface

Discussion created by chiasyan on Apr 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by Jaroslav Pajskr



There are several issues found when generating code using PE's FreeMASTER component in CW10.3:

  1. #define FMSTR_USE_MQX_IO  1 : This line of code isn't generated in "freemaster_cfggen.h".
  2. There is NO installation of MQX IO driver in static FMSTR_BOOL FMSTR_InitMQX(void) function, under "freemaster_serial.c". The channel is opened directly, causing unidentified directive error during build (eg. ittyc:).
  3. The channel generated under #define FMSTR_MQX_IO_CHANNEL ittyc: isn't enclosed by double-quote (" ").


Thank you.