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P2020RDB reference board booting

Question asked by cwrstl on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by Scott Wood

We bought a P2020RDB, which boots successfully to the Linux distro installed on the SD card.  However, we are now trying to install a VxWorks boot loader to the other part of the NOR flash.  After writing the image, and flipping SW3[7], we only get a steady power LED, and the two eTSEC2 LED rapidly blinking.  I would assume that this indicates a specific error, but can't find it anywhere in the documentation.


A few other potential issues with this:


The board docs indicate that the upper bank of the NOR flash starts at 0xEFF80000 and the lower bank at 0xEF780000.  The switch information references the upper 4 sectors or middle 4 sectors.  Can someone clarify these addresses?


VxWorks says to copy the boot loader starting at address 0xEF700000, which wouldn't seem to be correct?