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serial download over USB on i.mx6 DL

Question asked by jf simon on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by Karina Valencia Aguilar
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Hi All,

I want to make sure that on our future design serial download over USB will work so that we can load u-boot binaries into memory even if the boot device (eMMC here) is not working upfront in initial debug phase.

Something I am not clear on is if I need to work on IOMUX settings for the USB serial download to work. I can see this in the dual lite  manual: IOMUX Configuration for USB

The interface signals of the UTMI PHY are not configured in the IOMUX. The UTMI

PHY interface uses dedicated contacts on the IC. See the Chip data sheet for details.


In the manual here are the USB signals I have found that are not IOMUX dependant (see attached). Does it mean these are enough to operate USB serial download?


So I'd think I dont have to do anything with IOMUX settings. But at the same time I see several USB signals that are dependent on IOMUX (like USB_OTG_VBUS_EN depending on pad EIM_D22, for ex..)


So can anyone plse confirm whether I don't have to do anything?

thanks a lot