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getting unhandled interrupt while running telnet task

Question asked by vallinath s on Apr 18, 2013
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K60 , IAR emmebbed work bench,MQX4.0


Running securitytelnet program , on the shell i have a small code for the application

int_32 shell_startsource(int_32 argc, char_ptr argv[])
    boolean           print_usage, shorthelp = FALSE;
   int_32            return_code = SHELL_EXIT_SUCCESS;
   char *str;
const char *str1;
   print_usage = Shell_check_help_request(argc, argv, &shorthelp );
   if (!print_usage) 
      if (argc !=1 )
         printf("Error, invalid number of parameters\n");
         return_code = SHELL_EXIT_ERROR;
    if (print_usage) 
      print_usage_simple (shorthelp, argv[0], "sourcestatus");
   return return_code;

void openserial(void)
  uint_32 flags=0;
  serial_fd =  fopen(BSP_DEFAULT_IO_CHANNEL1, 0);  
  ioctl(serial_fd, IO_IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_FLAGS, &flags);
void serialwrite(char * data)

void closeserial(void)

intially telnet server will created and which gives shell login and in that i have shell_startsource command .

The code is running fine till the strcat function , when perform the strcat function , the telent task is going to unhand led interrupt error . inside the strcat when it tries to execute *dp++=*sp++; line it is go it this error and the step is not  breaking .

the code of strcat as follows:

char *
strcat (char *dest, const char *src)
    char *dp;
    char *sp = (char *)src;
    if ((dest != NULL) && (src != NULL))
        dp = &dest[strlen(dest)];
        while (*sp != '\0')
            *dp++ = *sp++;
        *dp = '\0';
    return dest;


So please suggest a way to debug this issue and what is causing the telnet task to go unhandled interrupt error. Used the install _int_unexpected_isr() before the strcat function but do not excat way use this function to please suggest

snapshot attached:yes


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