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OVG 0.4.0 Driver vgCreateConstImageFSL width change

Question asked by jasonwilliamson on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by Jim Mikola

The vgCreateConstImageFSL() extension requires a stride and width parameter when creating the image.  In OVG driver 0.3.0 these values could be different.  For example:


Allowed in 0.3.0:

Format: VG_sRGB_565_

Width: 17 pixels

Stride: 40 bytes


For OVG driver 0.4.0 there's a requirement that the stride and width match.  This forces the same image to be created as follows:


Required in 0.4.0:

Format: VG_sRGB_565_

Width: 20 pixels

Stride: 40 bytes


In driver 0.4.0 this forces the "pad" on the right edge of the image to be visible.  This pad (3 pixels in the example above) was only required to achieve the 64-bit stride alignment requirement.  For a RGB565 image the pad is not transparent.


This is a major problem for us as we create all our images using the vgCreateConstImageFSL() extension.