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TWR-56F8400 connecting to PC

Question asked by mavi_86 on Apr 18, 2013
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I’m using the TWR-56F8400, which use the 56F84789 dsp, with CW for MCU v10.3 and I use ProccesorExpert. I have several questions, so I will try to be as much concise as possible. The reason of these questions is that I would like to use Freemaster with my tower and at the same time I would like to have the possibility to use CW to reload the program. I use mini-USB in the TWR-56F8400 to load the program in the DSP.

  • First of all, is it possible?
  • In my tower I have inserted TWR-56F8400 and TWR-SER. I am able to supply the TWR-56F8400 connecting the mini-USB in the TWR-SER. How I do it? Changing the jumper connection. In the TWR-56F8400 I connect J11-2 open instead of J11-1 to J11-2, and J7-2 open instead of J6-1 to J7-2. And in TWR-SER I connect J16-3 to J16-4 instead of J16-1 to J16-2, and J10-2 to J10-3 instead of J10-1 to J10-2. With this configuration and once downloaded the program in the DSP I will be able to connect with the Freemaster application that runs in the PC, through the RS232 communication using PCMaster been. But in this case, if I want to reload the program in the DSP I need to change the jumpers against to the original configuration. And this is inefficient. ¿Is there any way to program the DSP through the mini-USB connected in TWR-SER?
  • ¿Is there any way to supply the TWR-SER through the mini-USB connected in the TWR-56F8400?
  • Also, I’ve been trying to uso FreeMaster bean. I’ve configure to use JTAG (¿these means that communicate through the mini-USB connected in TWR-56F8400?). In the PC I prove configuring Freemaster "plugin module" with the following three options: a) FreeMASTER 56F8xxx Direct-LPR JTAG Comunication Plugin, b) FreeMASTER CodeWarrior-CSS JTAG/OnCE Comunication Plugin, c) FreeMASTER OSBDM Communication Plugin. But I’m not be able to communicate the TWR-56F8400 with the PC FreeMASTER. I configure MAP Files as if I use the RS232. And I configure the jumpers as J8-2 to J8-3 and J92 to J9-3 in TWR-56F8400. ¿What more have I do to communicate with the PC in this way?


Thanks for your help.