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gstreamer video/x-vp6-flash not working in Freescale Ubuntu

Question asked by heikkiti on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by heikkiti


I have Sabre Lite board with Freescale L3.0.35_1.1.0_oneiric Ubuntu. Gstreamer does not play .flv file with video/x-vp6-flash type content but does not give any error either:


linaro@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~$ gst-launch playbin2 uri="file://$PWD/6649253.flv"

Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...

Pipeline is PREROLLING ...

Aiur: 3.0.5

Core: BLN_MAD-MMLAYER_FLVPARSER_ARM11_01.08.08  build on Dec 10 2012 15:43:34

  mime: video/x-flv

  file: /usr/lib/imx-mm/parser/

Content Info:



    Idx File:


    Seekable  : Yes

    Size(byte): 18275887


Movie Info:

    Seekable  : Yes

    Live      : No

    Duration  : 0:03:50.000000000

    ReadMode  : File

    Track     : 2


Track 00 [audio_000000] Enabled

    Duration: 0:03:50.000000000



          audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, framed=(boolean)true, channels=(int)2, rate=(int

          )44100, bitrate=(int)0

Track 01 [video_000000] Enabled

    Duration: 0:03:50.000000000



          video/x-vp6-flash, width=(int)504, height=(int)404, framerate=(fraction)30/1

MFW_GST_V4LSINK_PLUGIN 3.0.5 build on Dec 14 2012 13:58:00.


On my desktop Ubuntu the same file works. There is gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg package that as I understood has support for this type.

So I wonder what is the problem. Any suggestions?