Compiler bug when setting "Parameter Passing" option to "Compact".

Discussion created by Claude_Sylvain on Jul 10, 2007
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I currently work on a project that use MCF52223 MCU.
At the begining of the project, the "Parameter Passing" option was set to "Compact", and all was working fine (the target was running well).
Later on, after some code was added to the project, and compiled successfully; when I start the target, an exception error occur, telling that the MCU was out of control.
After searching a long time for a possible coding error without success, I finally found that the compiler generate bad code on some special case :smileymad:
The only mean I found to get rid of that problem is to set the "Parameter Passing" option to "Standard".
That bug was there in CodeWarrior V6.3, and is still there in CodeWarrior V6.4.
Since, this bug can be avoided by setting the "Parameter Passing" option to "Standard",  it is not very anoying :smileyhappy:
But, I am wondering if it is possible to submit a bug report, and how to proceed.
Do I have to contact my local dealer, or can I submit it directly to Freescale?
Claude Sylvain
Electro-Technica inc.