C file can't find local header file to include

Discussion created by carlh on Apr 16, 2013
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First post and first time working with Code Warrior, but not with Eclipse...hence my question.


In Eclipse you can create sub-folders containing C code files and local header files, and Eclipse can build all the source in any sub-folder.


But In CW the same is not true. I created a sub-folder containing a C file which includes a local header file found in the same folder. The compiler does find and tries to compile the C file, but fails because it can't find the local header file to include....which is not standard C compiling behaviour.


I know that all the compiling is carried out in a different location from the source location for the project, but is there any setting to make it go back and look in the original C file folder for the local header? I'm hoping I don't have to add all the paths for all the source folders to the project.


thanks in advance

/carl h.