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Can't boot up from nand after using Mfgtool

Question asked by minchun liu on Apr 16, 2013

Hello there,


I have board with imx28. Our sd doesn't work due that we don't have eeprom to apply the polarity patch. So I used Mfgtool to program the nand in the recovery mode via the usb port. It was  successful, see the last fw messages form the console



UTP: received command '$ umount /mnt/ubi0'

UTP: sending Busy

UTP: executing "umount /mnt/ubi0"

UBIFS: un-mount UBI device 0, volume 0

UTP: sending Success

utp_poll: pass returned.

UTP: received command '$ echo Update Complete!'

UTP: sending Busy

UTP: executing "echo Update Complete!"

Update Complete!

UTP: sending Success

utp_poll: pass returned.

g_file_storage gadget: high speed config #1



All the images and sb files were created by "ltib --selectype" to select the type to build for the mfgtool firmware.

Then I unplugged the usb port, reset the board. It did start booting from nand. But it stopped and never showed the login prompt. I attached the log file. Can anyone help and tell me what I have done wrong?


I have some other questions:

1) does the include the uImage? I haven't seen uImage file being sent to the nand flash by the Mfgtool.

2) Should I still see "Starting utp" (see the log file) when booting from nand?

3) When ltib builds, does it build the kernel/rootfs normally or in a reduced form?


Thanks in advance


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