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Mounting a firewire drive

Question asked by Andrew Ellis on Apr 16, 2013
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I have a maxtor external harddrive with both USB and firewire ports.


If I connect the drive using the usb port, the drive is mounted and I can browse the drive. When I try using the firewire port nothing is mounted. I I type:


grep . /sys/bus/firewire/devices/fw*/*

I get the output in the attached file. The drive is obviously being detected, but not mounted. I have tried the same drive on an x86 system and it mounts without any problems so I know the drive is working correctly.


Has anyone managed to mount a firewire drive successfully?


In the kernel build, I have enabled Firewire driver stack, OHCI-1394 controllers and storagedevices (SBP-2 protocol). They are all built into the kernel.



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